We’re being sponsored by some fabulous organisations!

Here at Conference HQ things are hotting up, and we are delighted to now announce three fantastic organisations who are sponsoring our event!

MyLife Digital is Rethinking Supporters’ Data, Improving Outcomes.We believe supporters’ trust in charities can be strengthened by making them feel more in control of their personal data and what it is used for, particularly communication preferences. Data protection legislation changes and the Fundraising Regulator FPS initiative will place further constraints and obligations on charities, but will also create opportunities for new ways of engaging with supporters. A cultural shift towards citizen-centric data ownership is essential and requires intricate thinking around supporter use cases and engagement routes. Done properly, this radical change in approach could refresh charities’ engagement with supporters, donors and service users. The MyLife Digital cloud-based Permissions service has been designed to facilitate this alternative approach, helping charities deepen their engagement and manage their data protection compliance and risks to fundraising and insights streams. www.mylifedigital.co.ukMyLife Digital will be speaking at the event, so be sure not to miss it!
Epsilon Abacus is the UK’s leading consumer data & insight specialist, working with multi-channel retailers and charities to support their marketing campaigns. Over 500 multi-channel retailers share their transaction data to form the Abacus Alliance, making it the largest single source of transaction data in the UK that is fully permissioned to share with third parties. Usually only available to contributors, the data is now available to charities without the need to contribute. Charities use it as a fresh, scalable source of highly responsive consumers to target their donor recruitment campaigns. Charities also use it to append transaction variables to parts of their supporter files to provide rich insight for analysts to better predict future action. www.epsilonabacus.com
Wood for Trees makes things happen through data analytics and insight. We collaborate with some of the world’s best-known charities and not-for-profit organisations to improve fundraising efficiency and performance, by providing an intelligent and proactive approach to data understanding. We place the focus firmly on insights and what can be done with them. Our project-appropriate approaches include building marketing databases and database analysis solutions – including FastStats, for which we’re a top-three partner, data processing and hygiene, advanced data analytics, strategic reporting and consulting, www.woodfortrees.net


And, because we’re feeling generous, we’ve extended the 3for2 offer until 17th October, so don’t delay

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