Our Focus

Run by a committee of volunteers, the IOF Inisght SIG is dedicated to making a PRACTICAL and sustainable difference in the sector.  Our goals and guiding principles for the activities we initiate are clear:



  • To further the development of individuals who analyse and interpret data for a living,
  • …so that insight and understanding of donor and supporter behaviour is improved.
  • Make opportunities for people to meet, as a group, and discuss, share, network and learn from each other.
  • To build awareness of analysis and analysts.
  • To create understanding of the importance of analysis ( and therefore analysts) and the impact that it (and they) can have.


Key principles:

  • Practical (no airy-fairy concepts)
  • Forum
  • Bottom-line focused
  • Mutual trust (some confidential information will be shared)
  • Sales-free (strict guidance for suppliers and members in general)