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2012 Insight in Fundraising Conference presentations

Check out our Downloads page to view the ten presentations from our successful 2012 Insight SIG Conference

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Speakers from:

1. Cancer Research UK

2. Comic Relief


4. Royal Marsden Cancer Charity


6. Age UK

7. Trufflenet

8.  Blue Cross/Wood for Trees

9. Bertie Digital Services/upriseUP

10. Marc Michaels




Insight SIG Awards – 2012 Winners

The IoF Insight SIG Awards at The Bank Westminster, saw charities and their data insight partners recognised for outstanding insight driven fundraising, with awards going to Comic Relief, Age UK, Royal Marsden Cancer Charity, and RNIB.


Award Winners

Driving strategy

Comic Relief & Streetwise Analytics/Datatalk/The BPS (Sport Relief 2012 Mile Registrations – identifying & leveraging an ‘infectious’ brand)


Age UK (Regular Giving Attrition Reporting Tool)

Supporter acquisition

Royal Marsden Cancer Charity (The Marsden March 2011)

Supporter development & retention

RNIB (Active Raffle to Committed Giving Campaign)

Team of the Year

Age UK (CRM and Group Database)

Supplier of the Year

Wood for Trees (Marie Curie Cancer Care, Dog’s Trust, Northern Ireland Chest Heart & Stroke, Horseworld, Children in Crossfire and others)

For more information see the Awards section

Case Study: Understanding donor performance to drive fundraising strategy

Simon Turner, Domain

Domain’s Donor Performance Index explained

Using Domain’s DPI strategically at Open Doors charity

Analysing and reviewing individual fundraising projects or campaigns is invaluable. That is the critical start point in building knowledge about how to go about achieving the objectives of the organisation. But, what is the cumulative effect? What happens to your donors over time and just how do you go about looking at the strategic perspective? How to you know what the strategic gaps and opportunities within the programme are? Part of the answer comes from examining donor’s performance over time. That means taking at donor centric view and tracking their giving patterns over time.

This sounds good in theory, but what exactly is the theory, how does it work, and how does the end result look?  In this session, we look at Domain’s Donor Performance Index as a tool for achieving the above goals, and we look at a live example of how this work was applied to charity Open Doors and what this delivered for the organisation.”

Using Web Analytics to Tune your Digital Marketing and Drive your Online Business

Intellitracker presentation at Insight 2009

Intellitracker presentation at Insight 2009

By David Hudson, Intellitracker

For those setting out on the road to digital enlightenment the simple page view stats systems such as Google Analytics are a great starting point. Unfortunately as well as being low cost they also lack the features that are needed to fully understand website visitor behaviour and optimise marketing processes.

 Those wishing to drive rather than just run their online businesses must analyse website visitor behaviour not just page views. They need to build a holistic, lifetime view of the website visitor and profile the behaviour of different visitor groups.  By automating the availability of this information to email, CRM and content management systems, a web analytics system can revolutionise an organisation’s marketing.  Out of the box behavioural targeting is now a reality and marketing managers can optimise email and website content to suit individual readers without the need for complex and costly system developments.

Evolution of the Supporter Journey at Age Concern and Help the Aged

Plenary by Michelle de Souza at Insight 2009

Insight 2009 Plenary: Supporter Journey

By Michelle De Souza, Age Concern/Help the Aged

Can you hold seemingly incompatible data sets of those who have given you a donation, purchased a financial product or benefited from a charitable service in the database and successfully identify synergies and capitalise on them? Having demonstrated over the last 4 years that it is possible, this session discusses how the newly merged charity, Age Concern and Help the Aged, will take this strategy forward.

Case study: Amnesty Supporter Monitor


Amnesty case study at Insight 2009

By Ben Smith, Amnesty International and Jon Kelly. Wood for Trees

How many charity fundraisers can tell you how many active supporters they have, how many supporters have lapsed in the last year or how many new supporters they have gained in the last month? Surprisingly few.

These crucial numbers are often hidden within unwieldy database systems and clouded by complicated or vague business rules which determine this information.  Over the last year Wood for Trees have worked with Amnesty in tying down these key definitions and presenting the results in a clear and concise manner, available to the whole fundraising team at the click of a button. The result is SuM (Supporter Monitor Report) – a user friendly, Excel based results dashboard.

Goodbye Excel Spreadsheets!

Huw' class=

Insight 2009 presentation on new data visualisation techniques

By Huw Davis, The Huw Davis Partnership

In this session, Huw explores best practice in visualising data, including how the value of a supporter’s social network can be viewed.  Dashboarding applications are recommended for performance reporting whilst segmentation is brought to life through creative treatment.

Harnessing the Power of a Volatile Media World

Huw' class=

Presentation at Insight 2009 Conference

By Huw Davis, The Huw DavisPartnership

Understanding the effect of multi channel media on donations and donor engagement is critical in today’s marketing world. How you do this will be explained within this talk. Bringing it to life with specific examples of cost saving strategies that use both on and offline media.

The Search for Green Shoots: Tracking the Recession’s Impact on Donors


Impact of recession on Donors study findings Nov 09

By Steven Dodds, DMS

The Search for Green Shoots: Tracking the recession’s impact on donors

As the banking crisis and recession hit at the end of 2008, there was much concern and debate about its impact on fundraising and charitable income.  Since this time DMS has been tracking how donors giving habits might change via a monthly quantitative study.  In particular, the study aims to identify who is most likely to change their giving habits and which methods of giving are likely to be winners or losers. Continue reading “The Search for Green Shoots: Tracking the Recession’s Impact on Donors” »

Online Giving Habits and Demographics


Just Giving Online Supporter Insight presentation Nov 2009

By Jonathan Waddingham, Just Giving

Using real-life examples, you’ll learn how joining up the data from your web analytics and database can give you actionable insight to help your fundraising. You’ll also hear about the latest research JustGiving has undertaken into the types of people who raise money online for charities to enable you to better target them and provide a better experience based on their needs, wants and habits.