Insight in Fundraising Awards 2014

We’re excited to announce the categories for this year’s awards, including several NEW categories, to recognise and showcase excellence in data analysis and insight for charity fundraising.  

Two new awards focus on ‘Predictive Analytics’, and the best ‘Performance Reporting & Data Visualisation’, while there are special awards for ‘Insight on a Shoestring’ and ‘Rising Star’.  Once again, the Insight in Fundraising Awards 2014 winners will be shortlisted for the prestigious IoF National Awards 2014 – Best Use of Insight category, presented at the IoF National Convention in London this July. 

All you need to do now is decide which categories to enter from the list below and read through the ‘How To Enter’ guide before submitting your online nominations forms.


  1.  Classic Analysis
    This is for projects where traditional analytical techniques have been used to inform strategy and drive performance.  Examples of classic analysis techniques deployed include; supporter profiling, establishing lifetime value, understanding donation patterns, response analysis, supporter journey analysis, data mining, segmentation and targeting, attrition analysis etc.  Note that projects focussed on predictive models or KPI reporting or dashboards should be entered into the new categories; Predictive Analysis and Performance Reporting and Data Visualisation.
  2.  Digital
    This category covers the use or integration of digital data into projects or insight developed specifically for digital fundraising propositions.  The sphere of ‘Digital’ spans web analytics, email marketing, social media, e-commerce, mobile and any other connected form of media.
  3. Research & Insight
    Entries for this category should showcase a research project, or piece of work, that uses market or supporter intelligence for the development of fundraising strategy or for the guidance of fundraising execution.  Examples of projects should include insight generated via either quantitative or qualitative research methods, semiotics, neuroscience, market benchmarking or sizing, co-creation, semiotics or behavioural economics.
  4.  Predictive Analytics
    This category is for excellence in statistical data modelling and forecasting applications.  Examples include targeting, retention, cross-sell, lapse risk, legacy prospecting models, income forecasting etc.
  5.  Performance reporting & Data Visualisation
    A category specifically for excellence in reporting, including dashboarding and KPI communication, plus data visualisation: bringing insight to life for stakeholders.
  6.  Innovation
    We will be looking for a project that has pioneered the use of data, analytics, market research or campaign management to deliver an extraordinary impact for a charity.  The innovation can feature in any aspect of the project, for example data sourcing and integration, analytical process and techniques applied, segmentation and targeting strategy for tailored messaging, multi-channel deployment or measurement and reporting.  The data strategy must include demonstrable value created for the organisation, supported by results achieved.

  7.  Insight on a shoestring
    For projects that have been implemented with exceptionally limited resources but have made a huge impact. Examples of demonstrating effectiveness in this category could range from working within the constraints of a small budget or small team, through to handling the challenges of limited data or IT systems in delivering meaningful insight.
  8.  Team of the Year
    This award is for a team of highly motivated and professional individuals who have worked well in strong collaboration to deliver a highly regarded insight and analytics programme in their organisation.  Examples of the winning team attributes include strong leadership, a culture that invests in training and development, working practices that inspire the best in everyone, a high profile within their organisation, incredibly efficient use of (scarce) resources and a wide respect for the team’s contribution to fundraising success.
  9.  Supplier of the Year
    We will be looking for a marketing service provider or agency that helps charities achieve exceptional results, time after time.  Known for adding value, the winning company will display a combination of consistently delivering on their service promise whilst pioneering solutions that are creative and cost-effective.
  10.  Rising Star
    A special award for an outstanding individual in the early stages of their career. This person could be highly professional, an inspiration to others, committed to getting things done, able to effectively communicate complex analysis, willing to go that extra mile, or simply being a fantastic support or team player.  The category invites both the supplier and charity sectors to put forward nominees with such qualities. However, the entry must demonstrate contribution to the charity market place. This is for anyone who, in the last two years, has shown aptitude, ability and success beyond their experience.  The nominee should have worked in the sector for less than 5 years and can be of any age.
  11. Outstanding Contribution
    Nominations will be requested for the one person you believe stands above all others in their lifetime dedication to applying and advancing the application of insight and analytics in the fundraising sector.
  12. IoF National Awards – Best Use of Insight
    The winner of the IoF National Award for Best Use of Insight will be chosen from the winners of the Core Discipline Categories in the list above.  The shortlist for the IoF National Award for Best Use of Insight in Fundraising will be announced at the Insight in Fundraising Awards 2014 ceremony in June.  The winner will be announced and presented at the IoF National Awards 2014 ceremony in July 2014.

We wish you all GOOD LUCK!