Case Study: Understanding donor performance to drive fundraising strategy

Simon Turner, Domain

Domain’s Donor Performance Index explained

Using Domain’s DPI strategically at Open Doors charity

Analysing and reviewing individual fundraising projects or campaigns is invaluable. That is the critical start point in building knowledge about how to go about achieving the objectives of the organisation. But, what is the cumulative effect? What happens to your donors over time and just how do you go about looking at the strategic perspective? How to you know what the strategic gaps and opportunities within the programme are? Part of the answer comes from examining donor’s performance over time. That means taking at donor centric view and tracking their giving patterns over time.

This sounds good in theory, but what exactly is the theory, how does it work, and how does the end result look?  In this session, we look at Domain’s Donor Performance Index as a tool for achieving the above goals, and we look at a live example of how this work was applied to charity Open Doors and what this delivered for the organisation.”