November 2013 Presentations

Presentations from The Ideas Lab conference available now!

Our 2013 Insight SIG annual conference saw a magnificent line-up of speakers, from practitioner case studies from Cancer Research UK, RSPB, UNICEF UK and The British Red Cross, to leading edge thinking from Decode author Phil Barden, Lucy Gower and nfpSynergy founder Joe Saxton.  The Guardian’s digital team galvanised the audience to create compelling data visualisations, while The Cabinet Office showed how behavioural insights can improve results. 

Our own SIG primary research – kindly conducted by fast.MAP – showed that insight is increasingly making a difference to fundraising success. So we can be proud the group is effective in sharing best practice, training and inspiring a wide audience.

The conference was supported by CACI and run by our committee of volunteers.  I thank them all for their contribution to making this event such a success. Buzzing with new ideas and lots to talk about, our drinks reception was a great opportunity for networking and making new friends.

All in all, a very enjoyable and highly valued event – one leading figure said it was “the best IOF conference ever attended”.

Janet Snedden, chair Insight SIG

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1. 13 terrifying trends that are changing the face of charities

Joe Saxton, Founder nfpSynergy
The charity sector is changing around us. Remorselessly. Relentlessly. While we sleep. And at weekends too. And yet most charities go on behaving as if tomorrow is just another day. This session will look at 13 key trends from socio-economics and demographics, from technology, from fundraising, from governance, from management and from the kitchen. How should charities respond? What will the winners and losers look like in this brave new world.

2. You can’t do good innovation without Insight

Lucy Gower, Innovation Director Clayton Burnett
The critical role of insight in supporting innovation and practical techniques to generate ideas from your insight to transform your business.

3a. How CACI and RSPB used segmentation to deliver a supporter-focused communication programme

Anton Ivankiv, Marketing Planner RSPB & Richard Tomlinson, Director of Analysis CACI
The RSPB recognises that in order to achieve ambitious growth targets, it will need to work in the future with a wider range of people and engage new audiences, beyond the traditional profile of their supporters. This presentation will describe how RSPB and CACI worked in partnership to further develop their audience segmentation, and provide actionable and rich insight to identify new target groups, develop advertising and a new communication strategy.

3b. Developing a digital dashboard

Dan Prebble, Digital Analyst UNICEF UK
Insight in Fundraising 2013 Award winner UNICEF UK will be talking about the development process of their digital dashboard. The talk will focus on what UNICEF UK learned whilst developing the dashboard.
Judges comments: “This is a brilliant dashboard that is truly useful, tailored to the organisation, and which provides management information to keep digital front of mind at the charity. This is a great example of a success story that enables fundraisers to look at data in real time for meaningful information, with great potential for insight.”

4b Real-time targeted campaign evaluation

Dr Sean Perkins, Supporter Insight Manager RSPB & Gavin Ellison, Research Director Public services and NfP YouGov

The RSPB recently launched its first major TV advertising campaign for many years: ‘Giving Nature a Home’. It was important to evaluate and communicate the effectiveness of the campaign quickly and accurately, to help assess its effectiveness and plan future waves. Working with YouGov’s ADMARC approach we could check what people felt about the advert against their TV viewing habits, matched with our media plan data. The results demonstrated shifts in deep lying brand characteristics such as alignment with the cause and allowed us to measure effectiveness by type of advert and media planning choices.   Examining this insight alongside campaign response and a daily dashboard of brand receptions helped identify the key drivers of campaign success.

5. Insight-led Innovation at Cancer Research UK- A Case Study

Jenny Lindsay, Head of Insight Cancer Research UK
Dryathlon® 2013 was a huge success: thousands of supporters amassed over £4million in income – and this was just a pilot. But where did all begin? This session will reveal the key insights that helped to shape this successful fundraising campaign, demonstrating the value of a truly insight-led innovation process.

6a Macmillan love Insight. pdf

Clara Avery, Head of Research & Insight Macmillan Cancer SupportMacmillan

A look at how we radically changed our approach to creating and using insight at Macmillan in order to drive fundraising performance, featuring a review of our structure and recent case studies to illustrate how things are working today.

6b. Data Visualisation using Tableau

Jonathan Moxham, Database Marketing Manager & Sophie Reynolds, Senior Data Analyst British Red Cross
This talk will outline the five top tips that the British Red Cross refer to when approaching and delivering visual analysis using tableau or other visual analysis tools. Come along to find out how you might be able to improve both what you deliver as well as the steps involved in getting there.

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7a Data, Story, Chart, Design, How to tell effective visual stories

Adam Frost, Data Visualisation Manager and Tobias Sturt, Head of Creative The Guardian’s Digital Agency

Data visualisation has the ability to turn an uninspiring spreadsheet into a beautiful infographic, interactive or animation. But what’s involved? And what does good data visualisation look like? The Guardian Digital Agency will share some of their experiences in creating compelling visual stories for a wide range of audiences.

7b. An intelligent approach to acquisition

Ben Carter, Head of Charity Development Response One
Response One, winners of the Insight in Fundraising 2013 “Supplier of the year Award” for their entry with Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, will be sharing some of their innovative approaches to planning which places data and insight at the heart of decision-making.

8. Rethink the rules of mail and new opportunities for fundraisers

Jonathan Harman, Managing Director Market Reach
Jonathan Harman is Managing Director of MarketReach, Royal Mail’s business that helps Mail users and their agencies to get better results from their use of Mail. He will present some recent research findings about how mail and email can be planned together for optimal results, outline the research MarketReach will publish in the coming months and discuss the new opportunities for fundraisers that could be enabled by barcoded mail.

9. What we can learn from decision science and applications for charities

Phil Barden, author of “Decoded. The science behind why we buy.”
Consumers don’t think how they feel. They don’t say what they think and they don’t do what they say” mused David Ogilvy several decades ago. Science knows more about behaviour than the marketing and advertising industries have ever used. Advances in ‘decision science’, the combination of neuroscience, behavioural economics, cognitive and social psychology can help to unlock the motivators of behaviour and how to make our initiatives more efficient and effective.

10. Pre Conference Survey 2013 results

David Cole, Managing Director fast.MAP

Many thanks to fast.MAP for conducting the pre conference survey

 Thanks again to our headline sponsor


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