Are you a Data Analyst looking for a new role? Eden Stanley may just have the role for you…

Data Analyst

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Contract: Permanent

Salary: £40,000

Location: Highbury, London

Closing date: 30th June 2018

The main focus of this role will be maintenance and development of our two Tracker services, and insight projects that analyse the Tracker data set to find new insights of value to the sector. In addition, you will deliver project-based quantitative research and data analysis.


  • Ultimate responsibility for the management and development of the ETL (extract, transform and load) process, from survey to dashboard. 
  • Conduct the monthly ETL processes, associated with Eden Stanley’s Tracker services 
  • Perform regular quality checking of Eden Stanley’s Tracker data 
  • Ensure all work is fully compliant with Eden Stanley’s data security policies and relevant regulation.


  • Ad-hoc reporting, auditing data quality, enriching data, and building segmentations and similar analysis.
  • Conduct data analysis projects, including cluster-based audience segmentations and predictive models 
  • Deliver ad hoc data explorations in support of Eden Stanley’s strategy projects, or in response to client queries. 


  • Supporting and developing data visualisations in Tableau and creating usable data exports.
  • Build or modify data visualisation dashboards on Eden Stanley’s Tracker services, in line with our quality standards and brand guidelines
  • Create ad hoc reports, including data tables, and providing data insights for research reports
  • Produce written reports based on your data analysis 


  • Work with colleagues at Eden Stanley, and our external suppliers, in the development of new data products 


  • The role will include some direct communication with clients, for example dealing with a data enquiry, or support in the use of our data services.


Above all you will need the six personal attributes listed on the front sheet of this job description. If you’re not sure you meet all of them, this is probably not for you. If you do, please make sure that you also have the following skills and experience.


  1. A level of education and career experience consistent with the remuneration offered. That means you will have a good degree (or equivalent) and experience working with statistics and data analysis in a marketing context
  2. You will have proficiency in statistical and quantitative analysis, with strong analytical and conceptual skills and demonstrable experience using data analysis techniques to check significance, validity, derive insights and present results to stakeholders
  3. Experience of audience segmentation using cluster modelling in a marketing context
  4. Experience in data visualisation best practice and user experience design
  5. A sense of personal accountability to deliver on your commitments is vital. You will need a ‘can do’ attitude, be willing to roll your sleeves up, be organised and get things done. We work hard at Eden Stanley, and we enjoy our work because it is diverse and rewarding – and we don’t do bureaucracy. 



  1. Commercial experience building and maintaining ETL workflows using tools like Alteryx, Excel and SQL
  2. Proficiency in basic statistical and BI/MI data analysis
  3. Experience using data visualisation tools like Tableau, Qlik or PowerBi
  4. Familiarity with using tools like PowerShell or Python to script automated processes
  5. Familiarity with cloud hosting platforms like AWS or Azure.


  1. Experience using Alteryx and Tableau in an Advertising, Marketing or Communications organisation
  2. Experience using SQL to query, manipulate and manage large volumes of data
  3. Familiarity with content management systems like WordPress
  4. Solid understanding of the ETL, BI and Database landscape.

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