November 2009 Conference

“From Under the Bonnet to the Driver’s Seat”

November 5th 2009, Amnesty International, London

The following presentations from this event are now available for download.  Please click on the hyperlinks to open the files you wish below:

Plenary Sessions

Insight 2009 Opening Plenary

by Nigel Magson, SIG Chairman and Steven Dodds, SIG Vice-Chair

Goodbye Excel Spreadsheets!

by Huw Davis, The Huw Davis Partnership

Evolution of the Supporter Journey at Age Concern & Help the Aged

by Michelle De Souza, Help the Aged/Age Concern

Stream A: Under the Bonnet

RSPB Supporter Data Analysis Project: case study

by Ruth Smyth, Kate Hayes & Julian Young, RSPB

Tuning the Engine: Pass your Data MOT

By Dawn Varley

Harnessing the Power of a Volatile Media World

by Huw Davis, The Huw Davis Partnership

Online Research Comes of Age even for Dorothy Donor

by David Cole, CCBfast.MAP

Using Web Analytics to Tune your Digital Marketing and Drive your Online Business

By David Hudson, Intellitracker

Stream B: The Driver’s Seat

Amnesty Supporter Monitor: Case Study

By Ben Smith, Amnesty and Jon Kelly, Wood for Trees

The Search for Green Shoots: Tracking the recession’s impact on donors

By Steven Dodds, DMS

The latest research into online giving habits and demographics

By Jonathan Waddingham, Just Giving

The Analysis Process

By David Dipple, Tangible Data and Penny Kenyon, Save the Children

Introduction to Domain’s Donor Performance Index

Open Doors case Study: Using the DPI strategically

By Simon Turner, Domain and Paul Tew, Open Doors