Insight in Fundraising Awards 2020 – Categories Announced

Insight in Fundraising logo_EventbriteWe are delighted to announce that entries for the Insight in Fundraising Awards 2020 are now OPEN! Winners will be announced at our 9th annual Gala Dinner on June 17th 2020 in central London.

These awards are your opportunity to gain recognition for inspired work, and this year we’ve added two new categories; ‘Most Powerful Visualisation’ and ‘Most Powerful Use of Insight Impacting the Longer Term’, widening the scope of the entry categories so there should be no difficulty finding one to suit! Choose from the following categories, and don’t forget, you can enter more than one!

Says Jon Kelly, Chair of the IoF Insight in Fundraising SIG and managing director of Wood For Trees, “As the new SIG chair I am excited to be hosting our ninth awards event this year and look forward to seeing the range of entries we receive. We all know that data and insight are becoming more and more recognised in many aspects of our lives, and this is equally true in the fundraising environment. I see more and more good work being done by teams and individuals across the sector.

“The annual Insight Awards are a chance for the insight community to celebrate and promote the work that we do, for charities of all sizes and causes. We have a range of categories to enter – from traditional to digital, from large to small – so don’t be shy, this is your chance to shout about the great work that you do and the impact you make.”


In these categories we are looking to see entries here that demonstrate technical expertise. That doesn’t mean that the methodology you’ve employed is complex, just that you have followed a rigorous and robust process.

1. Most Powerful Application of Data Analysis: We’re looking for work that demonstrates best practice in the use of data analysis. This could be a traditional, tried and tested form of analysis done well, or it could be a shiny new method of analysis that you’ve created.

2. Most Powerful Insight Using Research: Entries should demonstrate outstanding use of market or supporter insight derived from research (either qualitative and/or quantitative), in the development of a fundraising strategy or in informing successful fundraising execution.

3. Most Powerful Visualisation: ‘A picture paints a thousand words.’ This is a new category for this year, and focuses on how we can communicate insight through visualisation. Ideally just one visualisation, we are looking for entries that answer a fundraising question in a way that is clear, informative and compelling to non-technical observers.


In these categories, we’re primarily looking to see the impact on your fundraising results. You should demonstrate a clear link between the insight and these results.

4. Best Use of Data and Analysis in Digital Fundraising: Entries in this category will showcase how insight has been used to better engage supporters and generate income through any fundraising that is purely digital or has a significant element of digital in it. Appropriate insight might have been gathered from web analytics, user testing and research, social media, e-commerce and mobile.

5. Most Powerful Use of Insight in High Volume Fundraising: This category is looking for evidence of where insight has significantly improved the performance of a fundraising programme targeted at mass audiences. This could be in Individual Giving, Legacy Fundraising, Events, Lotteries or other similar programmes.

6. Most Powerful Use of Insight in Partnerships and Philanthropy: Entries in this category should clearly demonstrate where insight has been used to improve performance in fields such as Major Donors, Philanthropy or Corporate Fundraising; where analysis has helped identify new donors or improve development of existing supporters.

7. Most Powerful Use of Insight Impacting the Longer-Term: Another new category for this year – this award focuses on the ability of insight to deliver long term strategic impact. We want to recognise those projects that have contributed significantly to a fundraising organisation strategy, or have been shown after a number of years to have delivered long term value. A great entry would pass the “so what?” test – how has the insight changed the trajectory of  the organisation


Insight is as much about people as it is techniques. In these categories we want to see how your team has embraced insight, and how you have made it central to your fundraising.

8. Best Use of Insight in a Small to Medium Sized Charity: This category is self-explanatory. The entering fundraising organisation must have a small to medium fundraising turnover and a shoestring budget – entries will show how the featured insight offered particular value and ROI.

9. Team of the Year: This award is for a team of highly motivated and professional individuals who have worked well in strong collaboration to deliver a highly regarded insight and analytics programme in their organisation.

10. Supplier of the Year: A marketing service provider or agency that helps the charity achieve exceptional results, time after time; known for adding value and display a combination of consistently delivering on their service promise whilst pioneering solutions that are creative and cost-effective.

11. Rising Star: A special award for an outstanding individual in the early stages of their career. This person could be highly professional, an inspiration to others, committed to getting things done, able to effectively communicate complex analysis, willing to go that extra mile, or simply being a fantastic support or team player.