Insight in Fundraising Conference 2018 – Speakers announced!

Conference-banner-2-800x298The Insight SIG is putting together another excellent programme of speakers for this year’s Insight in Fundraising Conference and as a taster of what is to come, we are delighted to announce the following speakers are confirmed!

Nathan Shilton and Patrick Dalgliesh – Adroit Data & Insight : Understanding Online Audiences

Social Media data is an invaluable resource to tap into for fundraisers – to understand where, how, who and what is being said.   There is a wealth of information & conversation covering everything from customer feedback on events, to the topics & issues surrounding causes.  The session will look at how you can harness this information, and build audience intelligence.   We’ll explore how influencer engagement has evolved from simply working with people that have the most followers, to mapping individuals that have the most relevance within target communities. And discuss why virality models are important, particularly for not for profits.   We’ll look at some relevant case studies to illustrate how fundraisers can use the information to understand and engage with people that are using social media.

Vidhu Sood-Nicholls & Kate Mairs – TeachFirst : Research into Donor Experience

After appointing a Head of Supporter Engagement and Experience, we felt it was the right time to carry out a review of our supporter’s motivations. We want to ensure that all our interactions are rooted in their motivations and are supported by rigorous insight. Ultimately, we want to build a donor-centric culture so that, together, we can support even more young people.

12 months later we invite you to learn from our experience. Specifically:

  1. How we set up the research phase of the Audience Insight project
  2. Our reflections on what worked and what we would recommend others consider before setting out on this journey
  3. How far we have travelled and the rest of the journey

Steven Dodds & Joel Du Bois :  Let’s do this thing! How cultural insight transformed fundraising campaigns for the International Committee of the Red Cross

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)  employed cultural analysis to help them map the new cultural landscape and locate the space fundraising campaigns needed to occupy. This insight unlocked many new avenues, with the resulting fundraising campaign, in its native Switzerland, beating the long-standing ‘banker’ campaign and opening doors to new supporter relationships.  The ICRC knew that new ideas need new insights, the type that can only be found by employing new insight methods. Cultural analysis gave them the big picture view and practical guidance to repurpose their fundraising and find a way forward.

Aimed at both fundraising and insight leaders, this session will deliver:

  • An understanding of how cultural analysis can unlock transformational insights you can’t find in data or through donor research
  • An overview of the new cultural and political landscape facing all charities and NGOs
  • Perspectives and ideas on the directions charities need to take to rebuild cultural leadership and supporter relationships in this new world

David Dipple – If Artificial Intelligence is the Future, then the Future is Now

In this session David will look at how AI can be added to an analyst’s toolkit easily and efficiently and possibly more importantly without costing an arm and a leg. We will see what AI is and isn’t and a look at how it works. Hopefully after the session, you will feel that AI is something that you could have a go at and not some esoteric analysis method that only the “experts” can use.

Aiden Gregg – Emotional Engagement with Emojis

‘Why supporter experience surveys need to focus on emotions’

Emotions influence our desire to buy or not to buy, what we remember and share about the experience and whether we will be loyal to a brand: Colin Shaw, Founder and CEO, Beyond Philosophy

Dr Brian Birkhead, working with Professor Aiden Gregg, and a market research company Mindmover, has developed a ground-breaking emoji based customer experience model. This uses a matrix of emojis to gather feedback both on the intensity of feeling as well the level of positivity towards an experience. His emoji matrix has been successfully tested as being significantly more predictive than the often-used net promoter score and the five-star systems. Aiden will present the thought processes and research that lay behind the development as well as how it could be put into use by charities wanting to get under the surface of what their supporters feel.

The three key audience takeaways will be:

-        The importance of measuring the emotional engagement of your supporters
-          How the science of using an emoji matrix can deliver this
-          The practicalities of using an emoji matrix in a charity and donor environment 

Angus Kerr – Clic Sargent & Beth Cameron – Prescient: Understanding Audiences through Market Research/Segmentation 101

Over the past 18 months, CLIC Sargent have gone on a journey from knowing relatively little about their supporters, to carrying out research to develop a segmentation model and embedding this within fundraising teams and the wider charity.

Whilst going to other organisations for advice and guidance before starting, their experience has been a huge learning curve in how to do this from a standing start. At the session, they’ll share how they did this and give super practical suggestions and things you’ll need to consider to make yours a success. Angus Kerr, Head of Strategy & Insight at CLIC Sargent and Beth Cameron from Prescient will focus on: 

-          Preparation and working out what you want to know
–          Tendering for research agencies
–          The research process
–          Launching the segmentation – creating a buzz!
–          Now what?! – what to do when you have it.

The session is for anyone working in research, data, insight or strategy who’s thinking about segmenting their supporters or is about to start this process. Equally it’s for those who have done this and want to compare notes on their experience.

Bob Francis – British Heart Foundation: Most Powerful Insight Using Research Case Study

A customer segmentation can be a tremendously powerful strategic tool: helping a charity to focus objectives, to engage their key audiences and to promulgate a wider understanding of why their supporters make the choices they do. But it’s only as good as the use that is made of it. Too many analysis projects get presented, then sit on a shelf unused. BHF knew they needed a new segmentation, and they wanted to be certain it carried its weight. This multi-agency project got to the heart of what drives BHF’s customers, identifying meaningful audiences and achieving buy-in throughout the organisation. This session will show how.

 Emily Casson – Cat’s Protection: Insight in Digital Fundraising Case Study

Cats Protection has ambitious plans and equally ambitious fundraising targets. We are always looking for new approaches and channels to recruit supporters, in a very challenging fundraising climate. We knew digital platforms would provide a great opportunity to reach a younger audience in addition to our traditional supporter base. Our primary objective was testing social channels like Facebook to recruit new Regular Givers via our Cats Protection Lottery product. If successful, then our learnings would enable us to scale up the campaign quickly, given the potential volumes that these platforms offer. By December 2017 we increased the year 1 media ROI by over 5 times our target and reduced our cost per player to an average of only £33!

Society : Most Powerful Use of Insight in Mass Fundraising Case Study

Alzheimer’s Society: Team of the Year

The Children’s Society & Wood for Trees: Most Powerful Use of Insight in 1:1 Fundraising Case Study

Clara Avery – Macmillan Cancer Research: Outstanding Contribution

Myuran Kuhachandran – Parkinson’s UK: Rising Star

 We have many more exciting sessions to announce, so watch this space for details – and don’t forget – tickets are available NOW!

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