“It’s worth the effort” says Alexandra of Cancer Research UK





 Cancer Research UK’s Consumer Insight Manager, Alexandra Ho, explains why  entering  awards is worth the effort

 The past year has flown by and it’s awards entry time again. At last year’s IoF Insight in  Fundraising Awards, we were the proud Winners of the Most Powerful Use of Insight through  Research category for our Attitude to Gratitude project, as well as Highly Commended in the Most Powerful Example of Insight Sharing category, for our Multiproduct Holding & Repeat Analysis work, and the 2017 Awards are now upon us.

Cancer Research UK enters the IoF Insight in Fundraising awards, as well as others, every year, and while it does take some time and effort there are some very good reasons why we keep doing this.

For the team, the process of entering awards gives us a valuable opportunity to reflect on our projects and the value they’ve had both for the charity and for our supporters, as well as a chance to come together as a team and celebrate our successes.

Wider than that though, it’s also an opportunity to share our work with others in a sector where sharing successes, as well as learnings from where things haven’t gone quite so well, really makes a difference and is therefore both to be encouraged and welcomed.

It’s exciting too to be recognised externally by the Insight SIG and it’s also useful to have that feedback from the judges on why a specific project has won, but it’s also about the recognition that entering and winning awards earns within your organisation.

Winning awards has helped to raise the profile of both the team and myself internally at Cancer Research UK, giving me the opportunity to present the project at a conference we had last year and share our work more widely. It also makes our directors very happy!

Winning is a fantastic achievement and one we’re very proud of, but it’s clear to us that there is value in entering awards either way. Whatever the result, entering awards provides an extra opportunity to look back at a project, to reflect and learn as a team, and that is something to be embraced.”