June Networking Evening

Finding the right ambulance to chase -
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Using insight in planning your legacy fundraising

Thanks to everyone that came along to the June Networking Evening and especially to our speakers- Jonathan Cook, Director at Insight-ful and Matthew Lagden, Director of St Pauls Cathedral Foundation.

The presentation is now available to download:

Finding the right ambulance to chase- Using insight in planning your legacy fundraising


If legacies are more often than not the largest single source of voluntary income in a charity, why is it the most neglected and least invested in? Why have we come to the conclusion that legacies “just come in” and what can we do to become more strategic in our fundraising in this area?

With Dorothy Donor, often legacies did “just come in”, but the next generation are not behaving in the same way.

This presentation shall look at some of the most relevant insights into the motivations of people when leaving a legacy. What is different about the next generation? Why do they leave less even though they are wealthier? Why are we seeing a growth in pecuniary legacy gifts and a decline in residuary gifts?

Key topics:

  • How to identify people at the key life stages when they are most likely to be warm to legacy marketing and to find those with the best indicators that they could be a good legacy prospect.
  • Simple, cheap yet effective ways of modelling your supporters to find those people who are likely to be in the legacy primary target audience.
  • How can you predict legacy income in both the short term and long term.
  • Ways to allow you to track the impact of your organisation’s legacy fundraising.

Through using examples from research conducted with Asthma UK, Action for Children and the National Osteoporosis Society, we shall examine what insight you can get from speaking to your donors in person, how a cheap and simple data model was used to predict legacy pledgers with a 50% success rate and how an income prediction model has been used to predict legacy income and make targets and budgets far more accurate.

Doors open 5.45pm with the speakers on from about 6.15pm.


Jonathan Cook Director Insight-ful

Jonathan has worked as a fundraiser for over 15 years, specialising in insight driven fundraising. He has worked Save the Children, Action for Children and the Labour Party. He set up Insight-ful in 2012 to help charities and not-for-profits make better fundraising decision based on the evidence not hunches.

Through providing three “I”s – Insight, Innovation & Impact tools, charities are able to create fundraising propositions that their supporter want to be involved in, not just ideas the fundraiser think they themselves would like.

Matthew Lagden Director St Paul’s Cathedral Foundation

Matthew has worked in fundraising roles for Scope, Action for Children and Tomorrow’s people before becoming the Director of the St Paul’s Cathedral Foundation back in 2011.

With a history in high value fundraising and legacy giving, Matthew has used insight to develop innovative fundraising products, recently launching an SMS giving scheme at St Paul’s. Matthew has seen real success in recruiting legacy pledgers through a series of innovative targeted campaigns in many cases quadrupling the number of pledgers in the charity’s he’s worked at.