Modern Insight; same same, but different: Conference presentations now available to download…

Modern_Insight_LogotypeFollowing the great success of last week’s IOF Insight SIG conference, Modern Insight; same, same but different – the presentations are now ready to download!

You can also download this handy who’s who document for info about all the speakers who presented!


Reinvigorating Cash Giving: how Sightsavers Doubled Cash Income. Andrew Lockett – Wood for Trees & Becki Jupp – Sightsavers

Hear how Sightsavers increased their cash donation income over the last 3 years through the cumulative effect of many small improvements – the synergy between data, analysis insights, creative, vision & team structure.

WfT & Sightsavers Cash Appeals – Andrew Lockett


Where is the money? Practical steps towards Insightful Philanthropy Fundraising, merging Research & Data. Ben Rymer – Age UK

There’s plenty of room to grow philanthropic giving – just compare the Sunday Times’ Giving and Rich lists.  But being effective means being evidence- and insight-led.  In the talk, Ben will look at analytical approaches for insight professionals and researchers to identify affinity and capacity for major gifts; methods and strategy for philanthropy insight, and give some context on wealth dynamics in the UK.

Where is the Money… Ben Rymer – Age UK


Significance Testing – David Dipple

Significance and significance testing are important aspects of an analysist life; but what does the term significance mean and also, importantly what it doesn’t mean? I am 95% confident that you will find this a significant contribution to the day’s events.

Significance Testing – David Dipple


RNLI Supporter View. James Johnstone – RNLI & Paul Seabrook – Beautiful Insights

The RNLI Research team has spent the past two years scoping, building and running an online supporter panel, something it had never tried before. Along with its supplier, Beautiful Insights, they are here to share their experience, what they’ve learnt and how your own organisation could benefit from its own panel.

RNLI Supporter View – James Johnstone & Paul Seabrook


Measuring Impact. Marina Garcia-Pinilla – Macmillan & James Lupton – M&S

We know that as people live through cancer their needs become more complex. The Macmillan Support Line (MSL) offers free emotional support, clinical and general cancer information, welfare rights and financial services advice to people affected by cancer. Since 2010, MSL staff captures data on both the customer and the enquiry in each interaction and records it in our CRM system. Some of this data is structured and therefore can be easily mined, but the core of the conversations sits in both free-text fields and recorded phone -calls.

The objective was to investigate MSL’s unstructured data in order to understand the complexity and quantify the needs of people affected by cancer through their enquiries.

Measuring Impact – Macmillan Service Line with M&S – Marina Garcia-Pinilla & James Lupton


RFV2.o Avoiding the RFV Vortex. Sam Stafford – Wood for Trees, Mike Naidu – Cystic Fibrosis Trust & Kirsty Ramage – Diabetes UK

Feeling trapped in a spiral of diminishing returns as RFV dominates your campaign planning? Chasing ROI at the expense of long-term growth almost always restricts success, so how can you identify and open up new potential from within your existing supporter database? In this session Wood for Trees will describe some of the options open to big or small charities to extend the reach of their campaigns and move beyond traditional Recency, Frequency and Value segmentations

RFV 2.0 Avoiding the RFV Vortex – Sam Stafford, Michael Naidu & Kirsty Ramage


The Future of Analysis, Supporter Journeys & Marketing Automation. Rob Jones – Qbase & Selena Wark – PCUK

In this seminar Rob Jones, Insight Consultant at Qbase will look at how insight, and the role of the Analyst, is developing within fundraising organisations. We’ll see how personalisation and automation will be at the heart of how charities fundraise. We’ll discuss the skills  Analysts will need in order to keep up with the ever increasing demands of marketing and fundraising departments. We’ll hear from Selena Wark, Head of Data and Analytics at Prostate Cancer UK on how they have just started this journey. She’ll show you how they are bringing insight led multi-channel marketing automation to their charity, along with the challenges they’ve faced but the opportunities it has brought. If your charity is considering marketing automation this is a must see seminar.

Fundraising Campaign Automation – Selena Wark PCUK, Rob Jones Qbase


About Loyalty. Roger Lawson – Roger Lawson Consulting

About Loyalty recently undertook a large scale study with five of the UK’s largest charities which looked at how loyal their donors are and, importantly, the different drivers of loyalty for different donors. Drawing on this research and other work from the charity and commercial sectors, we will provide new insights into why donors stay loyal and why they don’t.

About Loyalty – Roger Lawson


Excel Skills. Victoria Barham

Whether you are a novice who wants to learn more or a spreadsheet expert who just can’t keep away, join Victoria for this session to discover, discuss and debate the most useful data analysis and reporting skills within Excel.

Excel Skills – Victoria Barham


Digital Isn’t Different. Julie Jeffes – Blue Cross, Andrew Sargent & John Kelly – Wood for Trees.

A ground up review of the Blue X email programme which puts their digital audience under the spotlight and challenges and explores the assumptions that they are ‘different’. This project shows how the analysis helped to reveal what was really happening and how those insights have changed what Blue Cross does to become more effective in optimising their email communications.

Digital isn’t different – Andrew Sargent, Jon Kelly & Julie Jeffes


IOF Pre-conference Survey Results 2015 – Mark Mina

What Makes a Modern Analysis Team – Robert Francis NSPCC


Recruitment & Development – Ruth Smyth, Roisin McCarthy, Jonathan Moxham

Beyond List Rental – Lara Bonney – Epsilon

Beyond List Rental – Kerry Rock – Prospecting for Gold

Barnardo’s Consent Gathering

Analysts are from Mars – Fundraisers are from Venus – Stuart McCoy

Making Consent a Marketing Process – David Cole (2)


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