Previous winner Comic Relief with Data Talk, shares how winning an Insight Award has meant recognition, greater investment and support.

The entry deadline has been extended until 20th March for the Insight in Fundraising Awards 2014 so there’s still time to nominate!  As a little motivation, we’ve asked another past winner, Comic Relief and Data Talk, about the impact of winning an Insight Award.

Speaking of winning the Innovation Award as last year’s Insight in Fundraising Awards, Tim Drye, Director at Data Talk, shares his take on how winning and the subsequent recognition has made a difference.  He says:

“Winning the Innovation Award has made a huge difference internally at Comic Relief.

It has meant that what they were achieving in terms of recruiting more donors and increasing income was validated.  And this ultimately meant that more investment could be given to future ideas and plans.

It gave the work much more recognition, for both the team internally and the organisation externally within the sector.  In turn the CRM manager at Comic Relief was able to get support from other departments, which was really positive for moving forward as an organisation.”

Can you imagine how winning could benefit your organisation?  So come on, look again at your best work, your clients, and your superstars to see if you too could be a winner, there’s still time if you act fast.   

There’s still time – nominate now!

Becoming an award winning organisation can do wonders for your reputation, most clients and new business prospects notice and recognise the endorsement of an award for your work.  It gives you stand out. 

But it can also do wonders for your organisation internally beyond an immediate morale booster.  It gives your team recognition, bolstering internal profile and importantly getting you noticed at board/trustee level.  The sudden limelight can build awareness of the potential of data insight, making it a great enabler between teams and departments.   

It’s wonderful to hear how the Insight in Fundraising Awards can have impact, how winning can help demystify the world of Data Analytics, where so often the magic your team provides to the fundraising or marketing team is either taken for granted or considered a misunderstood mystery.  This year it could be you…but only if you enter.

It’s easy and free to enter before the deadline 20th March.  Check out our How To Enter guide for step by step help or if you have questions you can contact Jenny Turner at