Previous winner UNICEF UK, shares how winning an Insight Award has benefited people, networks and strategic fundraising.

To encourage all you fundraising and data folk to enter your work and superstars for the Insight in Fundraising Awards 2014 (there’s still time!) we’d like to share with you some wonderful insight of our own – the impact of winning an Insight Award for UNICEF UK.

You really don’t need us to tell you that becoming an award winning organisation can do wonders for your reputation, whether as a charity leading the field or as a supplier that most clients and new business prospects notice. It gives you stand out. 

But it can also do wonders for your organisation internally beyond an immediate morale booster.  It gives your team recognition, bolstering internal profile and importantly getting you noticed at board/trustee level.  The sudden limelight can build awareness of the potential of data insight, making it a great enabler between teams and departments.    

Here, speaking of winning the Digital Award as last year’s Insight in Fundraising Awards, Dan Prebble, Digital Analyst at UNICEF UK shares with us his thoughts on how winning has made a difference.  He says:

“Winning the Digital Award last year was an amazing experience, it gave us the opportunity to meet other professionals in our field and to hear their success stories. We’re happy to share our learnings and we found that others were happy to do the same; and for this reason alone I would say to anyone considering entering the awards that they will get so much out of being a part of this event.

Winning the award has since opened up networks for us to expand our knowledge within the digital arena. This is the first award we’ve won for our digital work and it enables us to show people that digital analytics can stand alone as a viable fundraising income stream in its own right.

We’ve made significant investment in digital recently and by winning this award we can see more than ever that the investment has been worth it.  And our team is so proud that we won the award; it’s sitting on my desk and is a great conversation starter for anyone who walks past.”

It’s wonderful to hear how the Insight in Fundraising Awards can have direct impact. Winning really can help demystify the world of Data Analytics, where so often the magic your team provides to the fundraising or marketing team is either taken for granted or considered a misunderstood mystery.  This year it could be you…but only if you enter.

There’s still time to make your nominations!

It’s easy and free to enter before the deadline 20th March.  Check out our How To Enter guide for step by step help or if you have questions you can contact Jenny Turner at