The Search for Green Shoots: Tracking the Recession’s Impact on Donors


Impact of recession on Donors study findings Nov 09

By Steven Dodds, DMS

The Search for Green Shoots: Tracking the recession’s impact on donors

As the banking crisis and recession hit at the end of 2008, there was much concern and debate about its impact on fundraising and charitable income.  Since this time DMS has been tracking how donors giving habits might change via a monthly quantitative study.  In particular, the study aims to identify who is most likely to change their giving habits and which methods of giving are likely to be winners or losers.

The study has helped DMS advise its clients on how their fundraising program needs to adapt to this changing environment, and where potential opportunities lie.  This session aims to share the key findings from this tracking survey and the implications for insight managers and fundraisers.  As the tough economic climate continues, and in a world where attitudes to money (and parting with it) may have changed for a good, come and learn where tender green shoots might be starting to grow.