Using Web Analytics to Tune your Digital Marketing and Drive your Online Business

Intellitracker presentation at Insight 2009

Intellitracker presentation at Insight 2009

By David Hudson, Intellitracker

For those setting out on the road to digital enlightenment the simple page view stats systems such as Google Analytics are a great starting point. Unfortunately as well as being low cost they also lack the features that are needed to fully understand website visitor behaviour and optimise marketing processes.

 Those wishing to drive rather than just run their online businesses must analyse website visitor behaviour not just page views. They need to build a holistic, lifetime view of the website visitor and profile the behaviour of different visitor groups.  By automating the availability of this information to email, CRM and content management systems, a web analytics system can revolutionise an organisation’s marketing.  Out of the box behavioural targeting is now a reality and marketing managers can optimise email and website content to suit individual readers without the need for complex and costly system developments.