to the new Insight in Fundraising website

Our special interest group, affiliated to the Institute of Fundraising,  is dedicated to furthering the knowledge of Analysts and people who are tasked with analysis functions throughout the Charitable sector.

For a long time it has been apparent that Insight in Fundraising has taken a back seat to the higher profile areas of Fundraising. Yet, also apparent, is the reliance that these functions have on the information that the Analysts are providing.  Sources of information on the techniques, developments, software and skills have been hard to come by, and in some cases non-existent.  So it is the aim of this group to get this information and share it among it’s peers.

By regularly solciting feedback from it’s growing membership, the committee plan and present events that cover a wide range of topics at all levels from on-line analytics to fundraising specific Excel techniques.

Together we believe that we can take Insight in Fundraising forward in both expertise and by raising it up the Fundraising agenda.

I very much hope this website will become a valuable tool, enriched over time by further contributions from practitioners in the industry.

Nigel Magson

Chairman, IOF Inisght SIG